Your cooling vest: Your secret weapon against multiple sclerosis (MS) fatigue

Using a cooling vest is probably the most easy and inexpensive way for us MSers to lower our Bodies temperature. This happens to be especially true during the hot summer days.


From the basic vest that uses cold packs or ice packs – like the one I currently own – to even a vest that work with the use of batteries.

Advances in technology and better fabrics are producing a better vest that avoids the rising of the Body’s temperature.

If you think about it, the trick to fight that lack of energy that we MSres often feel is to simply lower our Body’s temperature fast and easy. Besides taking a cold shower, you cannot beat one of these babies to do the job any better.


  1. It’s very light weight
  2. Extremely simple to use and
  3. Carries a low price (under US$200)

But the most important thing, it does the job it was designed to do very well.

For example, my vest fully loaded with all its 5 ice packs, can last me up to 4 hours on the outside. With the temperature down here around the mid 30’s degree celsius, I can assure you that having one is simply fantastic.

Back in the September 11, 2009 issue of Neurology – the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN)- the results of a recent study showing that wearing a cooling vest to reduce the body’s temperature, can help multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with muscle strength, and balance was published.

Jacques De Keyser, MD, PhD, a neurologist from the University Hospital in Groningen, the Netherlands, was heading the study. Dr. Keyser said “This is exciting, because it is a relatively easy treatment that brings an immediate benefit”.

While performing this study, blood tests were done on all participants. Doctors were looking for nitric oxide, a molecule that occurs naturally in the body.

This molecule may have an important role in the progression of symptoms in multiple sclerosis (MS) since, among its properties, they found that it can reduce the activity of damaged, or demyelinated neurons.

Doctors discovered that the level of nitric oxide was 41% lower in those patients that wore cooling garments compared to the patients that didn’t.

Some are made with neoprene, use frozen gels to distribute the cold much deeper into the soft tissue to rapidly reduce the body temperature

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