A Brief History of Tibetan medicine

Pat Walker – San Francisco, California – Condition – Asthma, Lower Back Pain, Knuckle Pain

I used to see acupuncture as a last resort in the healing process. But I have seen it work so consistently that I now see if as the first step in my wellness program.

For several years I have seen Dr.Yangdron Kalzang, Tibetan Doctor and Acupuncturist for treatments – she is an exceptional diagnostician and has a healing touch. She has relieved my lower back pain, reduced asthma symptoms, fixed a painful knuckle (from too much computer work), and soothed some redness and swelling on my toes.

I am especially fond of the tumeric Tibetan massage ( Tsa Chug) and the mugwart herbal incense (Moxa) that sometimes accompanies my treatments.

I highly recommend Tibetan Health & Wellness Center as a first-line approach to superb health and healing.

Hope Niblick – San Francisco, California – Condition – . Multiple Sclerosis

I was diagnosed of Multiple Sclerosis nine years ago. Since then, Dr. Yangdron Kalzang has helped me immensely. Not only has the MS not advanced, but my symptoms have nearly all disappeared — all without any Western-style treatment. Along the way, Dr. Yangdron has helped me with various other health problems, including an irregular heartbeats duo to stress that my Western doctors missed. I especially appreciate the ample time that she spends during each appointment to carefully discuss symptoms and treatments.

Mark Gillespie – Santa Cruz, California – Chronic Prostatitis, Asthma, Allergy, and Lower Back Pain

Dr. Yangdron Kalzang has been my Tibetan physician for over two years. I first went to her because of chronic prostatitis. Western hormonal medications gave me unpleasant side effects which forced me to discontinue their usage. The Tibetan herbs I receive have led to a tremendous improvement in my condition. At the start of treatment, my prostate was roughly 3 times normal size for my age and inflamed producing intensely uncomfortable symptoms. They consisted of frequent urination, needing to urinate multiple times in the night, and sometimes severe pelvic pain. Today my prostate is only slightly above normal size, pelvic pain has been eliminated, and I very rarely have to get up at night to urinate. I had been strongly considering surgery prior to working with Dr. Yangdron, but now have a condition that is well managed where I am comfortable. My improvement has been a night and day experience for the positive which I recommend for anyone with a similar condition. As a side note, since beginning treatment for prostatitis my asthma, allergies, and low back pain have been greatly diminished as she strengthened my kidneys with Tibetan herbs.

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