The human spirit is a remarkable thing. As humans, we can and do adapt to just about anything if we allow ourselves to. Of course, this means adapting to both the positive and negative. I guess the trick is to learn that which is best for us to adapt in our lives.

I have the privilege of meeting people on a daily basis who demonstrate the amazing courage we all possess. Most of us don’t think we have such strength within us. But we do. And if you take the time to look and really see what is going on with others, you will know you, too, have the ability within you to truly live.

Sometimes it is adversity that brings it out. Sometimes it’s tragedy. Sometimes it’s opportunity. Sometimes it is shear willpower, desire and determination. But, whatever the event that brings this human capacity into realization, it is there.

In you. In me.

Believe in others.
Believe in yourself.

Believe in the human spirit and live your life to the fullest!

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