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Facilities falling into this category are typically larger institutions with apartment style living. They give residents the opportunity to live in a more secure environment. They are for people who still wish to live fairly independently not in need of continuous supervision. Services typically offered are housekeeping, social activities, meals and, in the case of Assisted Living, a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse. These facilities are recommended for those older people wanting the privacy of their own apartment and need support and assistance with daily living.
RCF’s are homes with 6-100 residents. Residential Care Facilities can be small and home like or larger with individual apartments or rooms. Services in these communities include 24-hour care and supervision, meals, social activities and personal care including medication management. Residential Care Facilities are generally suited for older people dependent on someone else for their care and safety.
Foster homes are private homes with a caregiver licensed to care for up to five residents. Foster homes allow people to live a residential “like home” settings while having someone charged with ensuring the resident’s well being. Foster homes are great for those wanting a home like setting and who also need assistance.
Nursing Facilities offer 24-hour care and rehabilitation services. Other services included in these facilities are social activities, meals and housekeeping. Nursing Facilities are recommended for long term care when an individual requires rehabilitation or has complex or more extensive care needs.

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