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Toronto, ON (PRWEB) June 18, 2012 — a brand new website that wants to be the number one resource for information on skin care, acne and weight loss products online promises to feature quality reviews on some of the most sought after health related products.

The Health And Beauty Review is actually a combination of 5 different websites that were recently merged into one ultimate health resource. says the websites owner, Eden Affiliate Group. According to the sites owner, the theory was to take all of the smaller niche health sites that were in their portfolio and create one useful quality resource, not only for the sake of the visitors but also to create a marketable brand in the competitive space of online health product information.

The site is turning out to be quite a large resource, with over 250 pages of information on anti aging, acne and other skin care products as well as information on weight loss supplements and stretch mark reduction. Our main goal isnt to simply sell a product, many of the articles on the site provide ready to implement natural solutions that people can try at home, before having to take the step and purchase something at a clinical level. says the site owner.

The team of researchers and writers at believes that natural health care solutions and quality product reviews should be easily accessible to everyone without appearing to be a mish mash of unrelated information — which is why they split the site into subcategories depending on the health niche it covers.

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