A “Sit & Go” is a tournament that is not regularly scheduled, it simply begins when all the seats are filled. In our Sit & Go section you can find 50, 30, 20, 10, 6 Seaters and Head’s up Sit & Go’s.  We have a great selection to choose from regular, speed, luckydip, timewarp and more. You can find our Sit & Go’s by simply clicking on our Sit & Go tab in the main lobby.  


Every player starts off with a larger amount of chips than the standard tournaments – giving them the chance to work their way through the other players’ chips. Every player starts with a lower starting stack, 500 chips or less as opposed to average 1500 in the standard.


This variety of tournament leads to a higher prize pool. In a typical situation, you are able to Rebuy chips if your chip count is equal to or less than your starting chip count in the first six levels of the tournament. This may vary, depending upon the tournament. You are also entitled to make a further purchase of the same amount of starting chips during the first break no matter how many chips you already have, this is called the ‘add-on’.


This is the most popular type of tournament. All players start with the same amount of chips and the game lasts until one player has won all the chips.


These are smaller tournaments wherein you can qualify for a larger tournament.


These are tournaments offering a prize but cost nothing to enter. Sometimes these tournaments adhere to certain conditions.


These are a great way to win fast money. In these tournaments everyone is ALL-IN on every hand!


These are for the professional player, looking to multi table and play at a good rate for their ability. These tournaments offer faster levels other than the normal 10 minutes. We have:
Turbo – 5 Minutes Levels
Hyper Turbo – 3 Minute Levels
Super Turbo – 1 Minute levels


These tournaments are Freezeout and offer players a chance to know from the start the number of players they have to beat. Once the tournament starts no-one else can register.

Key for Abbreviations 

In the tournament lobby you will find abbreviations, here is what they mean:

(T) = Turbo (5 Minute Levels)
(ST) = Super Turbo (1 Minute Levels)
(HT) = Hyper Turbo (3 Minute Levels)
(NLR) = No Late Registration
(R/A) = Re-buys and Add on Available
(A) = Add-on Available
(R) = Rebuys Available

HEY! You want to run your own tournaments? Do it right here! Let’s talk about freerolls, league tournaments, private buy-in tournaments… Just send our support team an email. Tell us what you want to do, and when you want to do it. We’ll contact you right away.

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