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GTA Toronto Internet Development Consultancy Services For Small Business In Ontario Canada

Purpose Of My Web Design Consulting Services

Web Design Consulting

My GTA Greater Toronto Web design consulting services provide a two-fold purpose. First of all my service is provided to small business owners who have a need to better understand how they can leverage the Internet to establish a highly visible presence in their local or regional market. Secondly, most individuals or companies typically require an up-front down-payment based on a percentage of a total projected cost prior to beginning a project. My affordable web design consulting rate will replace this requirement and additionally it will be credited and deducted from your final project cost if you decide to proceed with hiring Ataraxis. This ensures that I receive timely and fair compensation for various phases of a web development project as outlined below.

Three Phases Of The Ataraxis Web Design Consulting Process

My web design consulting process consists of three phases while providing a benefit of gaining valuable insight into Internet marketing without committing a large sum of money.

  1. Phase 1 of my business consulting services involves a day of in-person discussion which helps to understand basic ins and outs of design, development, and managed hosting as it relates to your particular requirements. This discussion helps provide an understanding of how effective an Internet presence can be when done properly. It also points out how ineffective and costly it may turn out to be when done improperly. Real world demonstrations based on actual live sites are provided for both scenarios along with an in depth explanation as to why they are effective or ineffective. After phase 1 is completed a low-cost invoice to cover my consulting time for the day will be issued. After receipt of payment for phase one, and assuming you wish to proceed with a project, I will then proceed to phase two.
  2. Phase 2 of my business consulting services involves me performing a day of self-directed research based on our mutually agreeable points of interest and focus of the previous day.
  3. Phase 3 of my business consulting services then involves producing a fully detailed project outline. It becomes a web design blueprint from which a site will be built. After a written report is completed we will meet briefly to review details. If you decide to proceed with a project based on information presented another invoice will be presented. This will be payable on receipt and you will be provided with a paper as well as a digital PDF project blueprint. This project blueprint will be used to develop your Internet presence.

How My Business Consulting Services Are Beneficial

If you had an opportunity to read my biography prior to landing on this page you are well aware that I bring almost 30 years of diverse workplace experiences along with me. In some aspects this experience may provide valuable insight into “business best practices” over and above understanding your requirements purely from an information technology perspective. This may be especially beneficial for small business start-ups due to the full service nature of my work. I offer design, development, as well as post-development technical support provided through my optional managed hosting service.

If you had foresight to include an Internet presence into your overall business plan at a pre-launch stage it will be beneficial. You will benefit from understanding how important business name selection as well as domain name registration processes are in this digital age. As with everything discussed throughout the day, an in depth explanation as well as real world examples are demonstrated to provide evidence.

All too often the Internet portion of a small business evolves as an after-thought. When this happens there is a risk of loosing some very valuable ground to those who are likely to be competing against your company for high placement in search engine results to achieve marketing goals.

My consulting prices / rates are extremely reasonable and affordable. I provide this service at affordable prices because of my enjoyment of sharing my Internet development and search engine optimization knowledge. I also would like to see deserving individuals succeed in their own self-employment ventures.

Summary Of Consultancy Service Benefits

Proceeding with a project as outlined on this page is mutually beneficial. From your perspective; it provides a low risk as well as low cost method of understanding what to expect throughout an entire project development life cycle. From my perspective, it assures me that you are taking your request seriously and are prepared to follow it through to completion in a timely manner. Equally as well it ensures that I receive fair compensation for work performed because I do not perform speculative work. This helps keep my operational costs to a bare minimum so I can pass those savings on to my clients.

One final beneficial aspect of my consultancy services as outlined in the discussion on this page is that in the end, whether you decide to hire me or opt for the services of some one else, you will have a professionally prepared document outlining all your requirements. You will be free to submit it to another designer to outline your requirements. A benefit of this is obvious; there will be no need to repeat all your efforts to present a case. You may even be able to negotiate a lower cost if you arrive with half of their work already in hand.

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