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Bhavana – a path to health, healing, and restoration of body and mind.

In the ancient Buddhist texts, Bhavana is the path of meditation, mindfulness and healing taken by those seeking understanding, wisdom, and self-awareness – the ancients’ path of enlightenment.

Meditation, mindfulness and healing, and the path, or process, we take – understood very far back in time and history – is a key element of advanced addiction treatment and presents a way to treat addicted individuals that yields long-lasting results.

We have named our center Bhavana after this ancient – and most modern – path to health, healing and restoration.

Our mission

Bhavana is a center of excellence for addiction treatment and rehabilitation, delivering addiction treatment of the highest quality in a safe, compassionate environment, in privacy, and for long-lasting recovery.

Our goals

To incorporate best practices in our treatment of patients with substance abuse and behavioral addiction issues.

To provide treatment for those addicted to alcohol, drugs, and other substances, gambling, sex and other behavioral disorders in a holistic, integrated manner ensuring long-lasting recovery.

To offer a safe and secure environment where patients may heal and recover in strict privacy.

To support professional inquiry into the treatment of addictions and behavioral disorders using holistic and integrated methodologies practiced in the East and the West.

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