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Taking family vacations is a great tradition to have. Spending time with your family without worrying about life’s daily struggles is something many of us search for on a regular basis. While saving for Costa Rica Family vacations can take some time and consistency, there are a few things that you can do that will not only help cover the cost, but also help teach your children about money at the same time. Part-time jobs and fundraisers can provide both funds for the vacation and early life lessons about money.

Some parents want to provide everything for their kids, this includes souvenirs, great vacations and anything the parent didn’t have as a child. While any parent can see the good the parent is trying to provide, giving our children everything they desire isn’t always the most beneficial thing for them. Now before you dismiss the idea of having your children work for their vacation money, read on to see the valuable lessons that can be learned.

Children that work for money for a trip or for their spending money, begin to understand the value of money from an early age. They will appreciate the things they have and the things around them if they have a sense of what was done to get those things. With a vacation, lots of kids take for granted the trip itself and the fun provided during it. If they are part of the funding of the trip they will enjoy the activities that much more, just having the realization of their worth.

On that same note, if you allow your child to purchase what they want, within reason, with money they have earned they will start to understand how to use money wisely. Discussing with them why a purchase is a good purchase or not will also help them use money sensibly and not just with momentary emotional wants. This will carry over to their adult lives as well. On the parenting side of things, this will also help eliminate the constant asking for things in stores that many children take part in. If little Johnny wants a certain type of yogurt that’s not on the shopping list, he could purchase it himself. This will eliminate fits in stores and will help your child begin to understand budgeting. Does he really have to have the yogurt, or is there something else he is saving up for that he wants more?

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of having your children help fund the vacation, here are a few easy things they can do to earn money. People all over your area need help and many are willing to help kids with earning money. Simple garden weeding, or lawn mowing are great ways for children to earn extra money. Depending on the area you live in, there may be a nearby farm or ranch that could also offer something for the kids to do. This could include mucking stalls or picking up trash. Little jobs will add up and in no time your kids will be well on their way to learning about money and have some saved up for future Costa Rica family vacations.

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