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The Sports


Kite-surfing is the new EXTREME Sport! Its a cross between wakeboarding and kiteflying… Hatteras is the place to take lesssons from the # 1 Kite-Surfing School in the Country!


REAL Kiteboarding is home to International Kite-Surfing

Champions.  REAL offers 4 Levels of Kite Camps.  Here is the link to REAL…
















The Outerbanks are famous for being the best surfing spot on the East Coast.  There are two popular surfing spots here on the Banks…


Canadian Hole which is just north of Ocean Aire 2 by 14 miles, and the Old Lighthouse Beach, just 8 miles north.


Taking surfing lessons is one of the most popular things to do when vacationing on Hatteras Island.  Try Natural Art Surf Shop for lessons…



Ocean Kayaking is an exhilerating sport.  Over the last ten years it has become more accessible as the kayak designs have become tailored to ocean conditions.



The best place to rent an ocean kayak is the Hatteras Sailing Company just one mile south on the right.



Windsurfing is an established sport on the Outerbanks.  The Pamlico Sound is a Windsurfer’s paradise… shallow waters, steady breezes.  One mile north of Ocean Aire 2 is a ‘day use area’ where you can park your car and carry your Sailboard a very short distance to the soundside beach. 


The best place on the Island for Windsurfing Gear is Fox Water Sports. 



Just what you’ll want to really see the islands in the sound and play on isolated sandbars.


You can rent wave runners at Odens Dock, just 1.5 miles south.  Go to the dock store and ask for Hatteras Wave Runners. 


Cape Hatteras waters are famous for the several thousand shipwrecks just off shore.


Wreck-Diving is one of the more adventurous sports on the OuterBanks.  Very few locations in the world have such a large selection of subjects to explore.   


Just one mile south is Outer Banks Diving.  It is surprisingly affordable and worth every cent!  Talk about adventure!!


To get a birds eye view of the island, and from up there you can really see its an island, is a view that few have seen! 


The Parasailing Boat launches you and retrieves you dry.  The Operator will “dip” you in the water only if you want to get wet. 


The best place to go for Parasailing is …


…it is just one mile south on the right at Oden’s Dock Ship’s Store.

Stand Up, also called SUP for short, is a budding sport on the east coast.  Originally from Hawaii. 


The board is much longer and wider than a surfboard, making it easier to stand up. 


For SUP rentals and lessons…



Sailing in Hatteras waters is a wonderful way to really feel the natural beauty and power of Hatteras.  


You can either rent or take lessons in a dingy sailboat or daysailer out on the Pamlico Sound. 


The experienced Instructors at Hatteras Sailing Company will make sure you have an awesome day of sailing.







Eco-Kayaking Tours are a perfect way to take in all of the very unique wildlife and habitat of Hatteras Island. 


Leaving from Oden’s Dock in Hatteras Village, Hatteras Kayak Tours offers you early morning, mid-day, and early evening tours lead by expereinced local Guides. 








For as many sports as Hatteras offers, the Island offers as many Historical and Cultural adventures.


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