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Shooting: March 11-16, 2004

Script as PDF

Auditon note: Please be
prepared to improvise the scene in which your character is in.

Director / Writer: Mike Testin
Producer: Eric A. Haynes
Co-Producer: Jeff Kaley

Suggested by “A Hunger Artist”
by Franz Kafka

We are accepting submissions for
a 35mm silent short film (music only). All dialogue will be on dialogue cards in
between scenes. The intention is to make what a silent film would have looked
like back in the day, but with modern technology. The film will be shot in
color, but will be desaturated in post-production. This is the thesis film for
Mike Testin at The Los Angeles Film School.

The story takes place in a
carnival sideshow, 1920-1935. The Hunger Artist is one of many sideshows on
display in the sideshow tent. He fasts for 40 days while people watch. The
Hunger Artist was once heralded by the carnival barkers, but times change.
Interest in the Hunger Artist fades over time and patrons stop coming. His final breath is
spent trying to be respected as an artist.

Copy, credit, meals, no pay.

  • Hunger Artist: LEAD, 25-50, male, Caucasian, extremely
    thin (concentration camp look)

  • Beautiful Woman: 25-40, Caucasian

  • 2 Barkers: 30-55, male, Caucasian, 1 heavy-set, 1 average

  • 2 Showgirls: 18-30, petite, Caucasian

  • 2 Boys: 8-12, Caucasian

  • Featured Carnival Patrons: 25-55 male and female

  • Various Carnival Sideshow Acts: midgets, jugglers, sword
    swallower, mimes, contortionists, etc.

  • Carnival Patrons: open, all.

If you would like to submit a headshot for
“The Hunger Artist,” please send it to:

Eric A. Haynes / “The Hunger
c/o Los Angeles Film School
6363 Sunset Blvd, 4th floor
Hollywood, CA  90028


email it to: 
[email protected]

Shooting: April 2-7, 2004

Script as a PDF, version 16

Song as MP3
right click, choose Save As, select location, enjoy

Audition note: Since
there is no dialogue, please be prepared to improv the scenes. We are looking
for an accurate portrayal of the emotional content.

Producer / Director: Eric A.
Co-Producer: Jeff Kaley

Lyrics and Music: Beth Nielsen

All rights have been cleared to
make a music video of Beth Nielsen Chapman’s song, “Child Again.” This is the
thesis film for Eric A. Haynes at the Los Angeles Film School. It will be shot
in color on 35mm film. The video depicts an Alzheimer’s patient, Blanche, whose
family comes to visit her at the hospital and she does not recognize them. Her
grown daughter, Beth, tends to her mother as though she were a child, and must
face that her mother is living in a different reality. In Blanche’s mind she is
a child again playing outside with her mother, Esther. The
video cuts between present day images of Blanche and Beth and Blanche’s memories
of Young Blanche and her mother, Esther.

Intended Contract: SAG STUDENT
Copy, credit, meals, no pay. 

  • Blanche, 60-85, Caucasian;
    Alzheimer’s patient; only has recognition of things in the present day that
    will “transport” her back to childhood; she lives as a child again in her mind
  • Beth, 45-55, Caucasian, Blanche’s
    daughter; holds on to fond memories of Blanche and wants to interact like it
    used to be
  • Esther, 28-38, Caucasian, Blanche’s
    mother from the 1930’s; a truly caring and compassionate mother who delights
    in the company of her daughter
  • Young Blanche, 6-10, Caucasian,
    Blanche’s memory of herself in the 1930’s; happy, cheerful girl who is able to
    take delight in the simplest of things
  • Amy, 28-38, Caucasian, Beth’s
    daughter; wants her mother to be happy, yet accept the mental loss of Blanche
  • Other family members:
    • Amy’s husband, Joe, 28-38,
    • Beth’s nephew’s wife, Kristy,
      28-38, Caucasian
    • Beth’s nephew, Eric, 28-38,
    • Beth’s sister, Ann, 45-55,
    • Beth’s brother in-law, Roger,
      45-55, Caucasian
    • Beth’s husband, Ernest, 45-55,
  • Nurse, 30-45, male, Caucasian

Please note that since this is a music video there is no
spoken dialogue. Every character will have screen time.

If you would like to submit a headshot for
the “Child Again” music video, please send it to:

Eric A. Haynes / “Child Again”
c/o Los Angeles Film School
6363 Sunset Blvd, 4th floor
Hollywood, CA  90028


email it to: 
[email protected]







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