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A few weeks ago one of my lecturers sent me aDMon twitter telling me that she had nominated me to give the Vote of Thanks speech, at my graduation, on behalf of my fellow students. My reply was, “Oh wow, thank you. That’s a big job, I don’t know if I could do it justice!” I told myself that one of the other nominees would probably get it and I’d be off the hook.

But, lo and behold, a few days later  I received the official email of congratulations asking to confirm if I would give the speech at my graduation on November 1st 2011. In that moment it occurred to me what an honour this would be – little old me giving the closing speech on behalf of my peers – of course I was going to do it.

I imagined being at the graduation ceremony and somebody else stepping up on stage to give the speech, after I knew my name had been put forward for it. Honestly, I would have been rather gutted. Although the prospect of standing on a stage and talking for 5 minutes, in front of nearly 850 people, terrifies me, I can happily say that I’m very much looking forward to it. However, it doesn’t help that I have to speak after the Vice Chancellor – that’s some tough competition (for him!)

Speaking at the class of 2011 graduation ceremony will be a proud moment – Image courtesy of clipart

With my speech written and my graduation gear ordered, I’m raring to go. I’m not a naturally comical person so I opted for the poignant route, talking about what it means to be a graduate and, especially, a graduate of Kingston University.

I know that graduation will be a bittersweet day, marking our achievements and our move forward into the big bad world. I’m sure it will be a proud day for my classmates, teachers and the friends and family of those graduating.

For me, it is a complete honour to be chosen as valedictorian and I’ll find out in two weeks time if I did the role justice.

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