Soma ray | national archives internship

National Archives Internship

National Archives- Presidential Libraries

As part of the Alternative Spring Break program, I recently completed an internship with the Presidential Libraries team in National Archives and Records Administration, Washington DC.


Keywords: Heuristic analysis, stakeholder interview, low fi prototyping, wireframing, mid fi prototyping, information architecture, interface design, comparative analysis, content analysis


The Presidential Libraries’ Digital Strategies team wanted a portal that connects to the different presidential libraries websites with the following considerations in mind.

  • Effective content that influences better search results
  • Meet the challenge of displaying relevant content without overcrowding the page

We decided to focus on the Education pages of the portal to come up with an effective design idea that can later be applied to other pages of presidential libraries portal.

Presidential Libraries Main portal

 My Goal

My goal was to research the site and conduct stakeholders’ interviews that resulted in the following recommendations:

  • Conduct content analysis that would result in better metadata and portal content which affects search results.
  • Create a prototype for interface design that displays relevant content without overcrowding the page. I worked on this design idea keeping in mind NARA’s current human and technology resources.

For the full report, download the Findings and Recommendations Report

Low fi prototypes for iterative discussions

I created an interactive prototype using Axure to be used by the Digital Strategies team for further meetings and presentations to demonstrate the idea.

Prototype Page

To view the full prototype, click on NARA Presidential Libraries Prototype

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