Finding Relief Through Hormone Therapy

Even though menopause is a part of life, no woman should have to struggle through it. A woman may decide that she needs to make the right choices in regards to her health. She may have to exercise more or change her eating habits. If making these changes doesn’t seem to really make a difference in the symptoms she experiences, she may want to consider hormone therapy.

Hormone replacement therapy consists of certain medications that contain female hormones. These hormones are used to replace those that are lost when a woman hits menopause. This is a standard treatment for women who suffer with hot flashes or other symptoms of menopause.

It truly does have its benefits. Women who have made the choice to receive therapy, usually take hormones such as estrogen and progestin. This is the man-made version of progesterone. It helps in easing symptoms that occur in the vagina as a result of menopause. This includes itching, burning, and drying.

The usual recommendation to take long-term hormone treatment is no longer necessary. However, women who have taken estrogen for short bouts of time have felt relief from certain symptoms. They also might gain protection from certain conditions such as colorectal cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

Studies have shown that this type of treatment can decrease the risk of colorectal cancer from occurring. Osteoporosis is also reduced, and studies show that this therapy also decreases the risk of hip fractures related to osteoporosis. When taken in the early stages of post menopause, estrogen can also decrease the risk of heart disease.

Estrogen is yet one of the key component for treating menopausal symptoms. The health risks are quite low and oftentimes acceptable to many women depending upon their symptom. Women who suffer from hot flashes, have lost bone mass and aren’t benefiting from treatments, and women who have stopped having periods before the age of 40 many want to consider therapy. Those who have experienced premature ovarian failure or menopause suffer with a different set of health risk compared to those women who start menopause in around the age of 50. These include a higher risk of osteoporosis, a lower risk of breast cancer, and a higher risk of coronary heart disease.

Also, the risk of osteoporosis and coronary heart disease is reduced when started promptly after the onset of menopause in young women. Those women who reach menopause too soon, may find that the protective benefits of hormone treatment may outweigh any risks involved. However, before considering hormone therapy, a woman should contact her physician. She should discuss her symptoms as well as her health risks. Conversations of this matter should continue throughout the menopausal years.

Researchers are learning more and more about hormone therapy treatments related to menopause. Therefore, recommendations are changing everyday. A woman should make sure she reviews current treatments with her doctor on a regular basis to make sure of the best options. Menopause can be difficult, but can be made a little bit easier when the right choices are made.

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