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“Theres’s nothing more important than our good health-that’s our principal capital asset”.

Famous Politician Arian Spector quotes these wise words. True to these words, health is the greatest wealth. Runcorn Family Medical practice believes in this motto and strives to provide health care services to people across Queensland and Australia. At our health care center, we not only provide premium health care facilities, but also peace of mind too. The Runcorn Family medical center has a team of experienced Doctors and Staff who are up to date with the latest developments in medicine.We as a premier health service provider in Queensland, Australia provide safe and sterile treatments to our patients. Apart from providing regular treatments, we offer skin cancer treatment to people from Queensland and across Australia.

Cancer is a dreaded disease and millions of people across the world are suffering from this silent killer. Australia is one of the countries which has the highest incidence of Skin cancer. When the skin is exposed to UV light, it damages the DNA and causes cancer. Australia is a sunny country, has several cases of skin cancer. Recent Survey shows that Queensland has the highest rate of Skin cancer in the world. Though Melanoma and other skin cancers are quite deadly, they can be cured if detected at an early stage.

Runcorn Family medical center is an integrated Cancer Centre Offering Patient care, clinical trials, complementary Therapy all at one location. We are a premier skin cancer clinic Queensland who is providing Skin cancer treatments which include
* Dermoscopic examination of skin
* Various Skin biopsies
* Skin lesion photography
* Surgical excisions
* Electrodessication
* Photodynamic therapy
* Pharmacotherapy

Our services at a glance –
We are open Seven days a week and we offer Bulk billing facilities. At our Family Health Centre we provide emergency care by new doctors on board and we offer a Special Consultation with prominent doctors on Sundays.

We are proud to announce that we are fully accredited With GPA in the year 2013. We also understand our patient’s needs If you want to avail our services, you can also book online.
Apart from Skin Cancer Clinic, Runcorn Family Medical Centre takes pride in offering Men’s Health, women’ shealth, immunizations, Travel medicine , Chronic Diseases and care plan, Occupational Health and Work cover And Kids Health Checkup .

Suffering from Skin Cancer or other ailments? We at Runcorn Family medical center is ready to lend a helping hand to you. Feel free to call us at our toll free number or drop us an email for appointments.

We understand that dealing with the trauma of cancer is not an easy thing. As a premier Health service provider In Australia, we make sure that each of our patients leave our premises with a smile. We serve you with dedication and compassion, use the latest technologies and ensure that our patients are 100% Satisfied.

Runcom Family medical Centre .. A comprehensive health package for your family.

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