Prostate Cancer and Sex: What Men Need to Know

A positive diagnosis of prostate cancer can open up a world of concerns for men. While the potentially life-threatening nature of this condition can cause alarm, highly effective treatments often make this worry less pressing for many patients who find their prognosis is rather positive. The potential impact on a man’s sexual capabilities, however, is a topic that most men will fill themselves needing to address at some point during treatments.

Prostate cancer and the treatments meant to stop it in its tracks can have impacts on a man’s sex life. The likelihood of whether issues will present or not does hinge on a man’s particular case and the type of treatment pursued to address the cancer. There are some things that men should know in regard to prostate cancer and sex, including:

* Erectile problems may become a concern – Men who are being treated for prostate cancer will find it is safe for them to have sex. Erectile issues may present due to the location of the tumor and treatments undertaken. The risks associated with erectile dysfunction and treatments may vary greatly based on the treatment pursued. With that in mind, it is strongly urged that men discuss all treatments and potential side effects with their healthcare providers. In some cases, dysfunction may be a fleeting side effect of treatment. In others, the concern may persist, but doctors may be able to help a man enjoy more normalized functioning.
* Other side effects to be aware of – Erectile dysfunction aside, there are other potential side effects of treatment that may interfere with a man’s normal routine. These may include incontinence, bowel issues and an inability to ejaculate. The likelihood of these side effects presenting can vary based on treatment, which makes reviewing procedures in advance with a healthcare provider quite important.
* Normal fertility may be affected by treatment – The prostate is responsible for making semen, which carries sperm during ejaculation. Cancer may affect the ability to make semen, but it may not impact the ability to produce sperm. Men should talk to their doctors if fertility is a concern. Options do exist to help.
* Prostate cancer doesn’t always have to be treated with haste – Men who are diagnosed with low-risk forms of cancer may find that active surveillance is an option for them. This involves monitoring cancer to ensure it is not aggressive or spreading. In doing so, it may be possible to avoid some of the side effects associated with treatment.

Prostate cancer is anticipated to affect about 160,000 American men in the coming year. Men who are diagnosed with this condition to speak openly with their doctors about their concerns, treatment options and recommendations related to their specific case.

How Robotics Surgery Dawns a new Perspective in Surgical Science

Patients are left concerned when doctors advise them to undertake a surgery. They usually worry about how successful the surgery would be, what will be the intensity of pain involved and how long would be the recovery time. But with the advancement in surgery technology, things are made much easier. Robotics in surgery has defined a new perspective in surgical sciences, with benefits bestowed both for doctors and patients.

About Robotic Surgery:

Robotic surgery is implemented with the use of the state-of-the-art Da Vinci Surgical System, which features specialized ‘arms’ used for holding instruments, a camera, a console and a magnified screen. The system carries out what is known as minimally invasive surgical procedure.

Minimally invasive represents smaller incisions. This type of surgical procedure accounts for shorter hospitalization periods and faster recovery times for patients. Other benefits include less scarring, less blood, faster return to normal life and reduced risks of infections.

How does it work?

The surgeon initially makes smaller incisions in your body to operate the robotic system and inserts the instruments and miniature camera throughout the process. The surgeon manipulates and controls the procedure using a console. In certain cases, such small incisions might not even be required at all.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery:

Robotics Surgery is becoming increasingly popular day after day because of the following benefits associated with it:

1. The surgeon gets to see a high resolution, magnified view of the operating field.
2. Surgeon gets better access to the area being operated.
3. Lessens the risk of infections.
4. Reduced pains.
5. Speedy Recovery.
6. Shorter hospitalization period.
7. Surgeon will have greater range of motion and dexterity.

Supported Treatments:

Robotics Surgery finds its usage in treating various conditions explained as under:

Heart Surgery:

Heart surgeons will have to cut the chest and sternum to perform heart surgery using traditional methods. However with robotic surgery, minimally invasive approaches shall be executed with lesser days of hospitalization and faster recovery. The advanced surgical tools provide increased accuracy and greater visualization of the heart.

Prostate Cancer:

Robotics surgery offers tremendous advantages to prostate cancer treatment. The type of prostate cancer decides the approach to be undertaken by the robotic surgeon, who shall discuss every aspects of treatment to you. Radical approaches are offered to treat prostate cancer so as to deliver promising outcomes for patients.

Gynecologic Surgery:

Da Vinci Robotic System is also found relevant in gynecologic surgeries. Gynecologic robotic surgery can be used to treat women with gynecologic conditions including fibroids, excessive menstrual bleeding, pelvic prolapse and endometriosis. The advanced technology also let surgeons to perform complex surgeries with ease.

Other forms of surgeries performed using robotics system include colorectal surgery, transoral surgery and thoracic surgery.

Robotic surgery is completely safe as surgeons are offered training to work on such sophisticated systems. Recovery period after surgery is usually six weeks post procedure. Having a track record of successful procedures, robotics in surgery opens new doors of possibilities in medical science.

Dealing with Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a very serious problem not only in America, but all across the globe. It is estimated that an eating disorder affects up to 24 million Americans and 70 million people worldwide. (Source: Eating disorders affect both men and women who are usually between the ages of 12-25. Just because a person has not been diagnosed by a physician does not mean that he or she doesn’t suffer from an eating disorder. Eating disorders, if not treated, can be fatal for the person suffering from the problem.

Our society has set us up to develop an eating disorder. All you have to do is turn on the television and you will hear women saying that they want to become thinner and men saying that they want to become more ripped and muscular. Society has gotten better, but for the most part overweight and obese people are still treated differently than skinny people. We are now starting to see plus size models, but we don’t see people who are clinically obese walking the runway.

People aspire to be like the model who is a stick figure, not the one who has some extra weight. The media places a lot of importance on body image and dieting so that it is hard for young girls and boys to look in the mirror and appreciate what they see when they constantly hear, “You need to look like this” or “You need to weigh this much.” These influences cause kids to start dieting at a young age and experimenting with different things that will cause them to lose weight and keep it off. This is ultimately how an eating disorder develops.

Eating Disorders Explained

Knowledge is power, and the more that we understand about eating disorders will allow us to prevent them from plaguing people in the future. It is not only important to understand what types of disorders are out there, and the symptoms and effects, but we must educate the youth so that they do not fall into these pitfalls and suffer the way so many have. There are three main types of eating disorders that people suffer from — anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and bulimia nervosa.

These diseases are extremely serious, and if not treated by proper health care professionals, will ultimately lead in death. Anorexia, binge eating disorder, and bulimia are not solely physical problems that the person must overcome. The origins have deep-seeded psychological roots and those problems must be addressed as well. One of the biggest problems that leads to a person falling into an eating disorder is an unhealthy body image.

People see themselves differently than they really are and have a negative outlook on their image. These people want to be “in control” of their bodies and the only way they find that they can is with food. First the dieting begins, and as the person starts to see changes, he or she wants more control, so they start obsessing about food. As the obsession and desire for control continues, the person finds his or herself on the path to an eating disorder.

Most people have a general understanding of eating disorders and the differences between them. Here are the three disorders explained so that you can see what makes each one different from the others. These definitions come from the National Eating Disorders Association.

Anorexia Nervosa

“Anorexia Nervosa is a serious, potentially life-threatening eating disorder characterized by self-starvation and excessive weight loss.”

Anorexia is probably the most well known of the eating disorders. Celebrities such as Billy Bob Thornton, Karen Carpenter, Christina Ricci, Christine Alt, Fiona Apple, Tracy Gold and Nadia Comaneci have all suffered from this disorder. (Source: The statistics about anorexia are unbelievable. It is reported that anorexia is the 3rd most common chronic illness among adolescents. Five to ten percent of anorexics die within ten years of onset; 18-20 percent die within twenty years of onset and only 50 percent report ever being cured. The reality of this illness is that it is very hard to overcome and failure to do so can result in death.

Binge Eating Disorder

“Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is a type of eating disorder not otherwise specified and is characterized by recurrent binge eating without the regular use of compensatory measures to counter the binge eating.”

This disorder is unlike the other two, where as the person affected with the disease is not using this method to lose weight. Binge eating disorder is an unhealthy coping method that people use to deal with their underlying issues, which may or may not be body image-related.

Bulimia Nervosa

“Bulimia Nervosa is a serious, potentially life-threatening eating disorder characterized by a cycle of bingeing and compensatory behaviors such as self-induced vomiting designed to undo or disorders”, which include compensate for the effects of binge eating” (Source:

Bulimia nervosa is different from binge eating disorder because of the “compensatory vomiting or the use of laxatives to eliminate the food that they have consumed. Bulimia often occurs in athletes such as gymnasts, wrestlers, dancers, horse jockeys, football players, and runners. (Source: National Institute of Mental Health)

How to Combat Eating Disorders

Even though much is known about eating disorders, people are still affected each and every day. While it is possible to help people once they are afflicted with an eating disorder, it is easier (and more ideal) to try to reach them before the disorder sets in. There are several ways that this can be done. The first way is by educating people on the importance of proper nutrition. It is important to inform young kids how nutrition effects their body and what will happen if they don’t consume the right amounts of nutrients such as protein. This same method would work well for adolescents and young adults. It is never too late to educate someone on nutrition.

Not only should people be educated on proper nutrition, but they should also be educated on the sources that contain vital nutrients. Profect, a liquid source of protein, can play an important role in combating eating disorders. This source of protein can be incorporated into a well-balanced diet and help people to reach their required allotment of macronutrients while at the same time not loading them up with calories or fat. This protein source will also help to make sure that people suffering from an eating disorder won’t continue to lose valuable muscle and organ mass and cause them to continue to waste away.

When dealing with people suffering from an eating disorder, it is important not to press them about it. You should keep an eye out and look for changes, but confronting them could wind up doing more harm than good. If you feel that someone you love has an eating disorder, then it is best to talk with a qualified professional to determine the best course of action to take.

How To Live And Deal With Cancer

As most people will tell you when broaching the topic of death — it’s not the being dead that bothers people so much. It’s the process of dying. This definitely holds true with cancer. People fear this disease because of the extreme pain, hair loss, alienation, and other ills associated with the it. Here is some important information about cancer.

Take advantage of the help and assistance programs available to cancer patients. The American Cancer Society provides the Patient Navigation Program to help you navigate the journey from diagnosis to treatment to recovery. The Patient Navigators and volunteers trained by the American Cancer Society are available at cancer treatment centers and hospitals across the United States.

Grilling or steaming your food more as opposed to frying it can help you prevent against cancer. Because you will be preparing your food in a healthier fashion, you can eliminate excess weight gain and thus help to prevent cancer cells from growing inside of your body and eventually forming dangerous tumors.

Try to tone down the amount of time you spend in the sun. People underestimate the amount of risk involved with excessive sun exposure. Spending increased time in the sun increases your risk of skin cancer. Make sure to use a high SPF sunscreen, cover unprotected skin and cover your head with a hat.

Many imaging centers give you the opportunity to get the results from your screening while you are there. You may need to look around to find the center that will do this for you but you will not have to sit around waiting to learn the results. Knowing quickly is going to make it easier for you to deal with.

The sun can be a major cancer causing factor for many people. The sun releases ultraviolet rays that enter the earth’s atmosphere. When we step outside, our skin is exposed to these rays, and too much exposure can cause skin damage that can lead to skin cancer. Be sure to protect yourself with sun screen to prevent this.

Eat at least 2 servings of blueberries a day. Studies have shown blueberries contain pterostilbene. Pterostilbene is said to help prevent colon-cancer. In addition, blueberries have Vitamin C. Large does of vitamin C have been linked to a decrease in oral lesions. Breakfast is a great time to include them in your diet.

Here is one of the most important tips for cancer prevention in existence. Avoid BPA at all costs. BPA, also known as Bisphenol A, is a synthetic estrogen. It is found in hard plastics such as those that are used for water bottles and the interior of canned foods. BPA has been linked to cancer in many cases. In order to avoid BPA, use products that do not contain it.

Avoid any cosmetics that have tar in them. Tar can potentially cause skin cancer, if used on a regular basis. In addition to cosmetics, some psoriasis treatments and shampoos may also contain tar. Check your labels carefully!

If you wear makeup, use products that do not contain chemicals that have been linked to cancer. There are websites online that can help you look up your favorite products to see what they have in them. Avoid products that contain ingredients with “peg” or “eth” as part of their name.

So many people diagnosed with cancer just want to give up. They may feel hopeless and sure that they are certainly dying. This isn’t true in a vast amount of cancer cases! Studies show that people who face their disease with a positive attitude and who visualize the tumors dying, have a much better rate of survival!

Don’t feel obliged to tell everyone you know about your diagnosis. Many people feel that a struggle with cancer is very personal, and it’s okay to keep the news to yourself. You should share this difficult time with close friends and family members, but not every co-worker or grocery store clerk needs to know about your medical details. Assure them that you know their curiosity simply means they care about you but that you’d rather not talk about it.

In conclusion, cancer is a weird disease. It often presents little to no warning signs at some stages, only to be dormant and a timed hazard. Cancer is a problematic disease that can sometimes be fatal. If you use the tips that are found in this article, you can learn more about cancer and possibly, some ways to prevent it.

Allergy Effects On The Pancreas And Small Intestine


The pancreas is a long, narrow gland which stretches from the spleen to about the middle of the duodenum. It has three main functions. Firstly, to provide digestive juices for everything that goes through the duodenum. These digestive juices contain pancreatic enzymes in an alkaline solution to provide the right conditions for the digestive process to be completed in the small intestine. Secondly, the pancreas produces insulin, the hormone which controls blood sugar by the metabolism of sugar and other carbohydrates. Thirdly, it produces sodium bicarbonate to neutralize acids coming from the stomach and so provide the right environment for the pancreatic enzymes to be effective.

Many people with food and chemical allergy problems have an inability, either to produce a certain enzyme, or to produce enough enzymes for the digestive process to work effectively. In conjunction with this is an inability to produce enough sodium bicarbonate essential for the pancreatic enzymes to function properly. As a result, partially digested peptides (protein particles) are absorbed into the bloodstream and attach themselves to other proteins, thereby inducing further allergic reactions. The inflammation in the system, resulting from continuing allergic reactions, can focus on a ‘target’ organ, causing injury and, finally, serious disease. This can often happen to the pancreas, thus the initial malfunction may, not only accentuate an allergic response, but may also lead to further inflammation of the pancreas itself.

Clinical ecologists have discovered that production of insulin by the pancreas is directly related, not only to the intake of carbohydrates, but also to the ingestion of all types of food. They have also noticed that insulin production is altered by allergenic foods. Accordingly, this abnormal insulin reaction can be used to identify the offending allergen, by giving a person a standard dose of the suspected food, or chemical, and observing his blood sugar level after a measured time.

The pancreas therefore is an important organ in the mediation of both addiction and allergy. Very often it is the first organ in the body to be significantly affected by any allergen.

Small Intestine:

The small intestine is a narrow tube, about six meters long, which empties into the large intestine or colon. It is a vital organ of the body as it carries out most of the digestive processes.

After being mixed with hydrochloric acid in the stomach, food passes through the duodenum into the small intestine. Here, enzymes secreted by the intestinal wall set about the biochemical process of breaking down the food into its various chemical components. Absorption of these components then takes place through the villi, which are tiny finger-like projections in the intestinal wall. In this way the body receives its essential nutrients of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.

Food allergy problems usually cause some damage to the small intestine. In the case of grain allergies, this can be serious and even result in death, through intestinal cancer. At best, damage to the villi and intestinal wall will cause malabsorption: a reduction in absorption of essential nutrients. This leads to exacerbation of the allergy problem with further food intolerance developing. The intestinal wall becomes porous and allows undigested food particles to enter the blood stream, causing further havoc to a floundering immune system. Eventually, a complete breakdown in health can occur.

Certain Diseases Can Be Prevented

With our busy lives, it is difficult to eat healthy foods all the time and take care of our bodies like we should. However, it is important that we avoid things such as smoking that can create serious problems like malignant diseases and lung cancer and pancreas cancer. There is no health benefit or psychological benefit associated with smoking; it actually creates a lot of problems. The first time you smoke, which is a personal choice, you are setting yourself up for a life of health problems. There are cancers that can be prevented so if you are smoker take measures to stop. Unfortunately, some people get cancer even if they have led a healthy life. Modern medicine has made some great strides in treating this disease. There are some great medical facilities throughout the country that provide the latest treatments for their patients.

If you think about it like this, you get one life to live. That might sound cliche, but it is the truth. Why would you have the attitude that it is okay to smoke when it could cause so many other issues? You have different organs in your body and they are meant to work together. Your lungs are needed to breathe and when you smoke, you are decreasing the effectiveness of your lungs. As you get older and smoke more, you are taking a risk of developing other health problems that could be serious.

Smoking is not the only thing that causes health problems. Being overweight can also open up many chances of getting diseases. You may be a little heavier than some people because of genetics or even if your family does not have a lot of time or money to eat healthy, but there are always things you can do to stay fit. Being fit does not mean that you have to look like the girls in the magazines or have a six pack; it just means that you need to exercise and eat as healthy as you can. Yes, junk food does taste better sometimes but overall your health is so much more important.

You do not have to spend a ton of money on organic foods either because that is just not possible for some people due to the fact that organic foods can be very expensive. All you have to do is exercise an hour a day and eat the required amount of each food group serving per day and it is as easy as that you can even indulge in your favorite sweets every once in a while!

You need your lungs and your pancreas to survive. Your lungs help you breathe and your pancreas helps with your digestive system. When you mess with either one of these things by eating junk food all the time or smoking cigarettes, you are only asking for problems. It does not take much to stay healthy as long as you have some motivation. Your body is meant to withstand a little bit of wear and tear over the years, but it relies on you to take care of it and if you do not, you might get a cancerous disease and it might not always be treatable. Just remember, there is hope so check all of your medical options for treating this disease. Just remember, there is hope so check all of your medical options for treating this disease.

Effective Cure of Lymphoma Cancer with T-Cell Lymphoma Treatment in India

How is lymphoma treatment in India?
T-cell lymphoma treatment in India is being provided at the most advanced cancer research institutes of Delhi, Mumbai and Nagpur. The concept of medical tourism is spreading rapidly around the world and many medical tourists are coming to get medical treatment in India from far off places like USA, Canada, UK and other countries of Europe and Africa. Patients from underdeveloped countries are also coming to get treatment for lymphoma cancer in India because the cost of this surgery in India is quite affordable to their pockets. In India most cancer surgery hospitals has a trained paramedical team that includes hematologists, radiation specialists, pathologists and medical oncologists. They also have caring and patient friendly nurses and other healthcare professionals. The doctors and hospitals of India have adequate experience of handling and solving cases of lymphoma cancer. Surgeons in India are often well known for their level of personal interaction with their patients.
What is lymphoma cancer?

Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system that is the disease fighting network of the body. The lymphatic system is made up of many cells and organs including lymphatic nodes, liver, spleen and thymus gland. This system produces B-cells and T-cell lymphocytes that makes up your body’s immune system. These lymphocytes are spread throughout your body like the blood vessels of the patient. In lymphoma cancer the lymphocytes start multiplying in an abnormal pattern and begin to collect in certain portions of the lymphatic system like the lymph nodes. Since these cells travel between lymphatic and circulatory system while fighting infections and viruses therefore lymphomas are blood related cancers. The affected lymphocytes lose their infection fighting properties and thus make the patient more vulnerable to infection.

How is lymphoma cancer caused?
Lymphoma cancer is the result of those cells that grow in an uncontrolled way and do not die. Normal cells in the body follow a proper order path of growth, multiplication and death. When this order is broken then it causes lymphoma cancer.

Symptoms of lymphoma?
The main symptoms of lymphoma are unexplained weight loss, coughing trouble, chest pain, breathing pain, soaking night sweats, fatigue and feeling of fullness in the abdomen.
Treatments available for lymphoma

Following are the main treatments available for lymphoma:
1) Chemotherapy: This technique is widely used for treatment and cure of lymphoma. It is very often given in combination with radiotherapy. The type of chemotherapy a patient receives depends on the type and stage of lymphoma. In chemotherapy the patient is provided with chemical drugs that work to destroy the cancer cells inside the body. Medications are provided to the patients either orally or through injections with the blood stream.

2) Radiation Therapy: This kind of therapy is often used to cure the first and second stage of lymphoma cancer. In this technique radiations of high frequency are passed through the cancer cells. When the radiations strike the cancer cells at a high speed then these cells get destroyed.

Get An Idea Of The Benefits Of Gamma Knife Radio Surgery

Gamma knife, also known as stereotactic radio surgery, is one of the best ways for treating tumors in human brain and unlike the name; it does not involve any type of surgery for patients. In most of the major US cities, like Mechanicsburg and Ephrata, you would come across a number of health care centers where this type of technology is used to treat brain cancer. At times this type of technology is also used to treat specific nervous problems, like trigeminal neuralgia.

According to experts from a number of cities in the US, like Mechanicsburg and York, there are numerous benefits of gamma knife radio surgery. Some of the most common ones are:

* Does not require much time: Treatments done with the help of gamma knife radio surgery does not take much time. You would seldom see patients, who have been treated with this technology, staying overnight at a hospital.

* Recovery takes place at a very fast pace: Compared to the longer surgical recovery times or other methods used for the treatment of cancer, the recovery time taken, after being treated with one of these latest technologies, is very less for a patient. People, who have been treated with a gamma knife, can resume their normal life within a time span of one to three days. This also includes work and sports.

* Excellent track record: In most of the countries all over the globe, numerous people get treated with gamma knife radio surgery in a number of hospitals. According to experts, no other alternative in this medical field has been accepted so much all over the world.

* The treatment is precise: The treatment done with such technologies are very precise. The radiation is focused on the exact target spot of the human body. This in turn prevents other healthy surrounding areas from being affected by the rays.

With so many benefits, very few doctors would use other technologies to treat brain tumors and nervous problems. The popularity is steadily on the rise for gamma knife radio surgery. Mechanicsburg and Carlisle are some of the cities in the US, where you would find a number of hospitals where this type of technology is used. However, according to some experts, it is always better to take your time and look for the best hospital where you can get the best treatment. Nobody would like to take a risk when it is a matter of taking care of their own health.

The Dreaded Belly Fat

If you overeat on the wrong foods you are going to end up with belly fat. However, it is understood that women from mid-life are more prone to developing fat around the middle. Nearly every menopausal woman has had to deal with this distressing issue.

Eating foods high in calories and doing no or little physical exercise leads to belly fat but so does aging. As you age, you lose muscle weight and gain fat weight. If you have less muscle weight your body will burn up fewer calories. It is harder to maintain a healthy weight as you age.
Women can gain this type of fat without it showing on the scales. It is likely that belly fat is also caused by loss of the estrogen hormone. This is the hormone that decides where and how fat is to be distributed.
Of course, body shape is also influenced by genetics.

Most of us are very concerned about belly fat changing our shape and looking unattractive but there’s more to it than looks. This type of fat is also made up of ‘visceral fat’. It is deep down in the abdomen and is encircled by your organs.

Subcutaneous fat lies just below the skin. It is visceral fat that is unhealthy. This kind of fat releases substances, including hormones that lead to hypertension and bad cholesterol. It can also result in the body becoming insulin resistant. Visceral fat can lead to serious illnesses like:

* Colorectal cancer
* Type II Diabetes
* Heart disease
* Breast cancer
* Stroke

Belly fat could also be the cause of early death and it is essential to know if you have too much of it. You can measure your own belly fat by doing the following:

* Put a tape measure about your nude stomach (above hipbone).
* Tug until tape measure is secure without biting into your skin.
* The tape measure must be level all the way round.
* Relax your stomach and measure.

Eighty nine centimeters (thirty five inches) or higher in women shows too much fat and a high risk of illnesses developing. One hundred and two centimeters (forty inches) or higher in men is too much fat.

The only way to get rid of excess belly fat is to consume fewer calories due to portion controlled meals and physical exercise.

Cut out high fat foods like dairy products (cheese and butter) and meat. Instead choose portioned olive oil, nuts and fish. A moderate amount of aerobic exercise is a must. Choose to walk briskly for one hundred and fifty minutes spread over a week. Vigorous aerobics like running should be done for seventy five minutes spread over a week.

Belly fat must be lost slowly or it will pack back on. Staying free of belly fat means you must do moderate aerobic exercise regularly and eat a diet that is mainly low fat. Considering the health benefits of being belly fat free, it’s worth the effort. Keeping your body free of belly fat is the same as keeping ageing at bay.

Best patient assistance programs in USA

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