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“Hi! We’re Kim and Jackie, two sisters from Collingwood and we own and operate Health Harmonies. We decided to open our wellness studio after the success Kim had with PEMF therapy.

In her twenties, Kim was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease sarcoidosis, asthma, gum disease and glaucoma. Then in 2007 she was in a car accident that left her with severe damage to her back and discs. In July 2013 she began PEMF therapy and she is now off the prescription medicine, pain free, healthy and most importantly happy with life.

We opened Health Harmonies so that more people could have access to this amazing technology and benefit from it, like Kim and her family did. We are passionate about helping people take control of their health and lives with PEMF therapy.

Kim Sartor

Kim Sartor, author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker has appeared on a variety of TV shows such as the Early Show with Bryant Gumble, CTV Ottawa, Breakfast Television Toronto, TVO with Heather Dietrich, Lisa Live with Lisa Petty, Sue London, Barrie CTV Morning Show and many radio interviews and daytime television interviews. Kim loves life and plans to bring good health back to people that are ready for a change in medicine.

Kim also brought whole body vibration studios across Canada and the United States to help people bring good health back. These studios were shown on CNN, Canada AM, Fox news, just to name a few.

Kim was diagnosed 20 years ago with an auto immune disease called sarcoidosis and then in 2007 had a car accident that caused bulging discs in her lower back and neck with sciatica, she was also under laser treatments for glaucoma that very same year. In 2012 she was diagnosed with asthma and prescribed 50 milligrams of prednisone three times and two puffers, Ventolin and symbicort. She was introduced to pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) by a former work associate and to her amazement, she is no longer taking any medication and her test results are normal. No more back pain, no more wheezing, no more asthma attacks, and no more eye problems.

Kim is now taking this to the next level bringing pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) to existing businesses, that want to increase their abilities to help clients and patients. The sports world and every-day people that need to improve their health.

She wants to educate people on the harms of electro smog, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and how to protect you from these invisible waves. Also educate on the radiation and electromagnetic field exposure of clock radios, portable phones, cell phones etc. Very recently there have been shows talking about cell phones and Wi-Fi on Doctor OZ, Dr Sanja Gupta and Dr Weil.

Kim has also authored a new book called SHOCKING. The purpose of her book is to educate people on the harms of electro smog and offer a suggestion on how to protect themselves from these invisible waves.

Jackie Sartor-King

Jackie Sartor-King is a woman driven by her compassion and desire to genuinely help others. Shooting for the stars is what Jackie continually strives for.

Jackie’s entrepreneurial life began at the tender age of 12 when she landed a contract to supply fridge magnets across Canada. In later years Jackie, ventured into the field of technology by producing software for engineers and working with the Department of Defense in the US. Providing them with information and training CD’s.

She is also the creator of the award winning “official learning software of the NFL”— Football Made EZ. This was the first in a series of sports CD-ROM that grew to include NHL, NASCAR and FIFA ‘s women’s World Cup.

Jackie is passionate because she really does care about people. Even at a very young age she always took to elderly people talking to them learning from them. What she is doing now, showing people this wonderful technology makes her feel so happy and complete because she sees the results with people pretty quickly on their journey to feeling better. This is not like work to her. For Jackie, sharing the story of PEMF and what it can do is something she feels obligated to share with people. “I know this PEMF technology works because I have seen it heal my own family. Now I just want to get it out there to anyone and everyone that is not living the best quality of life because they are not healthy.”

IT Offshore Outsourcing Company | Healthcare BPO Services

Healthsoft is a healthcare process consulting company that helps you deliver healthcare services effectively and efficiently. Not only do we help in charting out efficient workflow processes, we build custom process-driven solutions that are flexible and reliable. The key to our success is that our services and solutions adapt to your operations and not the other way around.

Our team is a hybrid set of individuals with experience spanning across planning, design and operations of healthcare processes and the underpinning technologies and equipment. Having worked on various platforms we understand the nuances and the possibilities that come with each type of business model and employ it to maximize your performance

As a part of the Capital A group, we live up to the philosophy of constantly innovating ideas to make your life simpler.

Pharmacy North America

Online Information Gathering

We respect your concerns about privacy. The following policies are intended to protect your privacy and ensure that your personal information is handled in a safe and responsible manner. As we continue to develop our web site and take advantage of technologies to improve the services we provide, our policies will continue to evolve. We therefore encourage you to refer to this policy on an ongoing basis to stay abreast of our most current privacy policy practices. Currently, we gather online customer information to improve the content of our web site and to enhance your online shopping experience. We collect information from you when you register to purchase. we do not share this information with anyone else.

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Managed Healthcare Pharmacy Refills and Medical Supplies

Facilities falling into this category are typically larger institutions with apartment style living. They give residents the opportunity to live in a more secure environment. They are for people who still wish to live fairly independently not in need of continuous supervision. Services typically offered are housekeeping, social activities, meals and, in the case of Assisted Living, a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse. These facilities are recommended for those older people wanting the privacy of their own apartment and need support and assistance with daily living.
RCF’s are homes with 6-100 residents. Residential Care Facilities can be small and home like or larger with individual apartments or rooms. Services in these communities include 24-hour care and supervision, meals, social activities and personal care including medication management. Residential Care Facilities are generally suited for older people dependent on someone else for their care and safety.
Foster homes are private homes with a caregiver licensed to care for up to five residents. Foster homes allow people to live a residential “like home” settings while having someone charged with ensuring the resident’s well being. Foster homes are great for those wanting a home like setting and who also need assistance.
Nursing Facilities offer 24-hour care and rehabilitation services. Other services included in these facilities are social activities, meals and housekeeping. Nursing Facilities are recommended for long term care when an individual requires rehabilitation or has complex or more extensive care needs.

Norton Online Pharmacy, Norton Online Pharmacy

The Norton Clinic are an international hair restoration specialist based in the United Kingdom with clinics in London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Wakefield and an Irish clinic in Dublin offering surgical and non-surgical methods of hair restoration.

Having performed more than 19,000 hair transplants since 1991, the Norton Clinic can offer you specialist advice regarding the latest techniques of surgical hair restoration such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) or strip harvesting.

Dr Vernikos offers follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant surgery right here in the UK – no need to fly abroad.

Dr Vernikos is an FUE Master Surgeon capable of transplanting over 5,000 hairs in a single procedure. There is probably no better FUE surgeon here in the UK.

For more information regarding FUE or other surgical requirements, please “.

The human spirit is a remarkable thing. As humans, we can and do adapt to just about anything if we allow ourselves to. Of course, this means adapting to both the positive and negative. I guess the trick is to learn that which is best for us to adapt in our lives.

I have the privilege of meeting people on a daily basis who demonstrate the amazing courage we all possess. Most of us don’t think we have such strength within us. But we do. And if you take the time to look and really see what is going on with others, you will know you, too, have the ability within you to truly live.

Sometimes it is adversity that brings it out. Sometimes it’s tragedy. Sometimes it’s opportunity. Sometimes it is shear willpower, desire and determination. But, whatever the event that brings this human capacity into realization, it is there.

In you. In me.

Believe in others.
Believe in yourself.

Believe in the human spirit and live your life to the fullest!


Ambulatory Surgery Center

Using ASC management software can greatly increase the efficiency of the ASC. Braintree’s specific brand of medical workflow software can automate tasks performed at the ASC that generally require too much time in paperwork. The Braintree medical workflow software also has features that can help grow the business side of the ASC.

How can Braintree’s ASC management software help an ASC? Here are specific benefits that an ASC can get from the Braintree medical workflow software.

  • Administrative tasks such as scheduling and admission can be done electronically. Appointments are entered into a scheduler tool. New electronic medical records can be created with a few strokes on the keyboard. Instead of fishing file folders from a cabinet, existing electronic medical records can be pulled up with a click of the mouse.
  • Monitoring of the inventory is done in real-time and, therefore, more efficiently. Every item used during a procedure is immediately taken out from the master inventory encoded into the ASC management software, thus lessening the need to tally supplies on a frequent basis. When supplies are running low, the software can alert the supply officer so that he or she can draft the purchase order.
  • Billings can be completed on the same day as the completion of the procedure. This is because all the supplies used in the procedure as well as their dollar values are already factored in while the procedure is taking place. Also, while the procedure is taking place, the patient dictation is being done at the same time. The coding is done automatically so the billing officer does not have to work on the coding itself.
  • Costing reports can be generated automatically by the ASC management software. Because all the variables are being inputted in real time, while the procedure is taking place, costing reports and other clinical reports can be generated with only a few clicks of the mouse. These reports can also be sent electronically through a network without any need for printing them out and sending them through a courier.
  • Image PACS are integrated with the ASC management software. Any DICOM-formatted images pertinent to the patient are attached to the patient’s electronic medical record. The PACS images, the electronic medical record and any other related files can be accessed anytime and anyplace by any authorized member of the staff with the use of a computer with Internet access or a web-capable mobile phone.
  • Because all the variables are being inputted in real time using the medical workflow software, practice analysis can be generated in real time as well. How well the business side of the ASC is growing can be determined easily at any point in time, thus giving the people in charge more room to make quick decisions about business when necessary.

Having the Braintree ASC management software can help an ASC do what it does the best perform procedures that patients need to alleviate pain and improve their well-being.

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Habitat for Humanity builds and rehabilitates homes with the help of the owners of the house, the work of selected volunteers, management expertise and tax-deductible donations of money and materials.
Indian Pharma sector is performing well and contribute to the good of the Indian GDP. Even during the recession, but also, this sector has not been done.
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories also made the turnover of Rs 4, Rs Rs 162 250 000 or 41622000000, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is the second largest pharmaceutical company in India.
Ronald Evans of the Salk Institute showed that disruption of the interaction between SMRT and molecular partners of nuclear hormone receptors leads to adiposity increase and decrease the metabolic rate.
Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, additional terms may apply. See Terms of Use for details.
IPCA Laboratories revenues worth Rs 980.44 million rupees and he its sales tenth largest Indian pharmaceutical company.
Laboratories is the second largest pharmaceutical company in India.
GSK GlaxoSmithKline Pharma is the seventh largest pharmaceutical company has a turnover of Rs 1, 773,410,000 rupees
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Choosing an organic-wedding-dress using organic-cotton-fabric and other sustainable fabrics is the greener alternative for eco-friendly wedding gowns.

If you are committed to green-living, the organic fabric or organic
wedding dress may appeal to you in a very meaningful way, being made
with sustainable fabrics that are biodegradable, and made through Fair Trade practices.

First of all, organic-cotton-fabric is actually quite in style and it
breathes remarkably well. It’s light-weight and comfortable.

Satin-like, shiny hemp-silk blends of material are made from organic or
natural fibers. They are not dyed with chemicals, but naturally dyed
with vegetable colorings instead.

Bamboo is actually sustainable and like the hemp-silk, is soft and smooth.

Hemp-silk and and natural chiffon can be used for all wedding attire.

Silk chiffon, made from natural fiber has a rather slippery feel to it, and
is admired for the texture and the shimmer quality to it. It’s quite
strong, very “flowy” and lovely.

Garments made with organic fabrics as opposed to polyester petroleum
based products, are made wthout herbicides or pesticides, are eco-friendly,
and can be certified organic material.

The eco-friendly and fair-trade practice means they have been made according
to concerns for the resources required to make the outfit, and concerns for
the human aspect as well.

Consumers more and more want nothing to do with manufacturers involved in
child labour and sweatshop conditions, unsafe working conditions, and unfair
wages paid to workers.

Natural fiber just makes sense when one feels so committed to protecting the earth.

Organic wedding dresses are quite lovely and environmentally responsible
choices when deciding on your wedding apparel.

And please don’t forget, the men
need wedding attire as well. You can find outfits in these materials as well
for the groom and other male members of your wedding party.

For a listing of some world-wide links for organic-wedding-dresses and other services, visit